not giving up yet

 - by jessica

I still intend to keep this thing going.  All evidence to the contrary. I will probably just put up a mass picture overload post pretty soon to get us all caught up. We are alive and life is crazy. We are getting our house all packed up so we can move into Mama and Papa Farmer’s house for a few weeks.  Then into our new house!

In other news, I am starting another blog.  The new blog is mostly for me because I am finding that I am having a hard time remembering all the day to day stuff that is going on in our lives right now.  So I needed a place where I could record everyday, from my phone, all the things that the kids do that make me smile.  I really don’t want to forget all these things, so Notes on All the Glamor is born. Please don’t feel obligated to follow. I’m not planning on linking it up to our Farmer Family News blog or anything because the goal is to post everyday and that could get a little old.  :) But you are more than welcome to read and comment if you have nothing better to do.

Anyway, that is my quick update. Like I said, I am planning on having a major picture update soon. I just need to get my act together. Hopefully before we move, but I definitely will not make any promises.  It’s kind of a mad house around here.

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