birthday madness

 - by jessica

For our family, the first two weeks of October are one continual birthday celebration! This year (just in our immediate family) we had Logan and Emmett’s birthdays, lunch with daddy at Red Robin, a combined birthday party for them, Madeline stating on solids, a visit from Grandma Sharon, a train ride and a couple of different pumpkin patch trips (with a cider pressing in there somewhere too.).  Everyone took the craziness in stride and it has been an October to remember!

Logan’s birthday

Logan and Emmett’s birthday party

Madeline starts eating solids!

Emmett’s birthday

Pumpkin patches with Grandma Sharon

And the train ride on Mt.Rainier Scenic Railroad

Yeesh! What a wild and crazy October! And there is more to come! We also had family pictures taken, which I will share when they become available. And then, don’t forget all the halloween excitement that is yet to come! Wow, what a month!

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